Comparison Funk

I’m still figuring out the best post-boot camp plan for running. I don’t eat before camp (it’s too early),  by the time it’s over I’m starting to get hungry but I want to get in a run before eating. yesterday I right away ran after camp, today I went home for food first.

Egg scramble with onions, mushrooms and cheese w/ PB&PB on the side.
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Then, I set out for a tempo run, but my legs are still exhausted from this weekend. I really ought to have done an ice bath because my recovery is lagging I ended up doing 5.5 miles slow and walking a amazing down .5.

Since my local health food store isn’t carrying my fave protein powder I chose to try a new flavor in an individual packet before I have to commit. Yeah, it’s not good. It’s overly sweet and tastes artificial. I’m so glad I didn’t purchase the entire container.

I still ate it, even though my first thought was that someone was trying to poison me. I guess I’d be an easy person to kill through food.

My PB PrOatbran was featured on fitness Magazine’s site today!

I don’t know if it’s all the new Year’s Resolutions or blogs with “2012 Goals” posts, but I am in a major comparison funk this week. I’ve been comparing my goals, my eating practices and my exercise to others. I know it’s dumb and we are all different. I ought to do my own thing – and I do. But, this week I don’t feel as healthy or fancy or fast or fit as others. I’m trying to fight the funk!

Question: how do you stop yourself from comparing to others (bloggers, friends, family, TV)?

If it’s a blog or TV show I try to avoid it for a while. I realize it’s about me, not them and I need to get out of my funk first.

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